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Training at Fusion Maia is an experience too!  Our sales team from Saigon and Hanoi joined us for 3 days to update their knowledge and in true Fusion style, we showered them with the Fusion Feeling and a full guest experience for them to have authentic and beautiful memories to share on their sales calls.

Thao, our Resort Sales Manager welcomes the team at the airport in our brand new luxury Mercedes.  At check in, we provided the surprising program and the pampering they will be experiencing during their stay!

The program begins by joining our management team with a morning lifestyle tai chi session . A great start to get the energy flowing for the day!

Mr Truong, our Resident Manager, hosts the team to enjoy lunch with our newly launched Vietnamese salad trolley, with greens freshly picked from our hydroponic garden.  Our Chef Dung arrived rolling up his trolley table side and there was so much fun playing “mix and match” among different ingredients, sauces and toppings to make their favourite Vietnamese salad!

Continuing with the experience, next stop was our Spa.  Ms Emilie – our Spa Manager hosts an afternoon wellness tea with some vegan treats and shares more about our spa concepts, philosophy and our amazing new reiki healing therapies to the team. In a nutshell, Maia Spa is always the heart of our resort and the ultimate goal is to bring not only relaxation, but also a real connnection and renewal for our guests.

We had to explore the area too!  We took the team on a Fusion Explorer to do meditation  with Lady Budda, it’s a lovely way to discover a serene part of the city. With temples of gods and a tranquil atmosphere up in the mountain looking over the Danang bay, it is a perfect time for the team to calm their mind with Ms. Hoa leading their guided meditation session.

After the spa sessions, it might be the right time to come back to food – healthy food to be correct.  Chef Dung, provides an afternoon healthy cooking class, to give the Sales Stars healthy tips and recipes to try at home!

Wrapping up, we took some time to enjoy a mojito together at the new tropical beach lounge, catching up, sharing stories and Fusion memories to the sounds of the ocean and the live DJ.

 Mr Bao – Director of Sales:

“Fusion Maia Danang refreshed me fully after 3 days. I have learnt more about how to connect body, soul and mind. We also learnt alot of tips for our own wellbeing that we can include in our daily life. The trip to sacred Linh Ung Pagoda is a perfect balance to keep our mind and body more connected. I was given a quick meditation in Pagoda by a master which was my favourite experience.  I know  Fusion Maia team does a great job, but not only to welcome us and the guests,  but also to help refresh body, mind and soul”

Ms Hang – Assistant Director of Sales:

” It was such a pleasure to spend 3 days 2 nights at Fusion Maia. From each staff to all services you deliver, this inspires me and makes it easy to share my passion with our clients. The most interesting point with Fusion is people.  I see and feel their love from each person there in everything they do.   It is easy to understand why Fusion Maia is a signature product of Fusion Resorts. ”

Ms Annie – Director of Sales:

” What is your purpose when you go to work? First thing coming to mind is always money, but working is more than that.  At Fusion Maia you have an environment full of love and tips for your personal life.  I never knew what yoga and meditation was before, but working with the team here, I have learnt and started to practise in my daily life.  I consider us all lucky to be a part of Fusion.  I’d like to remind everyone to feel and appreciate it every day.  As I have been with Fusion  for more than 6 years, it just proves how big my love is!”

Fully relaxed, recharged and reconnected, the Sales Stars returned to Hanoi and Saigon to the Group Sales Offices, ready to share their new Fusion Stories with the world!


Host:  Phan Thi Thao I Resort Sales Manager
Our challenge was to truly vibrate our circle of love!  I can see that everyone in our team helped to deliver the same special message.  Each person, with their own team, skills, experience and love of Fusion gently and deeply immersed into our sales stars mind and hearts, to truly understand – The Fusion Feeling!



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