Energy of love

The highest form of energy on this planet is love. All energy vibrates at different levels, but love vibrates at the highest frequency. In our daily lives, we often forget to pay attention to our surroundings, but if we stop what we are doing for just a moment, we can feel the energy of love all around us.   

When we are connected with love energy our heart is so full, we cannot contain our smile and every moment feels joyful. When we discover this feeling for the first time, it feels like a magical world, where everything is full of kindness. When our heart is open to the highest vibration and we start to attract love into our lives, other people and their experiences vibrate on the same level. If we train daily, we can stay in this constant state of love.


Love starts with loving yourself and allowing yourself the space to just be.  Do not be afraid to connect with your inner self and take the time to feel all of your emotions, not just love. Don’t hide from it; welcome all feelings and accept both the good and bad without judgment. Just love and accept yourself as you are.


  • YouTube meditation clips such as heart chakra meditations
  • Play sports or practice yoga to reconnect your body with your mind
  • Try the simple yet profound practice of thinking about 3 things to be thankful for every day
  • Forgive yourself every day to release any negative thinking
  • Call the love energy to be inside you

Daily actions, such as warm smiles, can help us harness love energy; these acts of unconditional love have an amazing impact! Place pure intentions behind all of your daily actions and your world will change around you, and love energy from the Universe will support you.


Love can heal the body, and its energy is harnessed in spa, wellbeing and healing treatment centres the world over. While there are many love energy treatments to choose from, we offer you the opportunity to experience the following:

Reiki Energy
Reiki Usui is a Japanese natural healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy by a technique called “palm healing” or “hands-on healing”, to activate natural healing processes and restore physical and emotional well-being

Crystals Healing
Different crystals develop different energies and properties, and can be used to benefit mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. There are various methods of healing with crystals, such as the therapist placing crystals on and around you while you lie down, or by using a crystal wand to focus love energy and positive intent into specific areas.

Access Consciousness
This is a practical and dynamic approach to facilitate healing. The therapist touches different points on your head to facilitate balance and release old thought patterns and access more consciousness in everyday life.  The technique empowers you to feel free to live the life you love.


At Fusion Maia Da Nang, all spa treatments are included in the standard room rate, which means you have an opportunity to explore therapies beyond simple aromatherapy and stretching.  It is a perfect time to let go and try reiki or crystal therapy to feel the effect of love energy on your wellbeing.  During your stay, you will be surrounded by reiki healers vibrating love energy throughout the resort, which adds to what we call “Fusion Feeling”.

I’d like to leave you with the principals of Reiki;
Just for today, I will not be angry.
Just for today, I will not worry
Just for today, I will be grateful.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
Just for today, I will be kind to others.

And I’d like to add – Just for today – believe in love.


Author:  Written for Health and Fitness Travel in the United Kingdom by Emilie Chanon, our Spa Manager.  For information on their wellness retreat packages you can visit   



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