This is my story

This is my story of love and happiness, for the cocktails I make and for my new married life.  My name is Tam. Many people call me by the nickname ‘Tam Cruise’ which was named by a guest and “Tam Rio” by Fusion Stars, which is the name of a famous footballer.


I am living with my family of 5 members in Dien Duong Commune, Dien Ban District of Quang Nam Province. My parents work on rice fields and at sea also. So in my free time, I often go out to sea with my father or reap rice with the family.

After high school I applied for the Thang Long Intermediate School in Danang, major of restaurant and bar. The reason I chose this major was that this service industry is the most challenging and I believed that the hospitality will give me a good chance for my future. Before being a bartender, I tried different jobs such as waiter or cook. Yet, bartender really makes me feel that I can use my strengths and it fits my style.

Fusion Maia Da Nang is a well-known resort in our area and many expats working there and the teams are trained professionally, that is why I wanted to work here to enhance my skills as well as my English. I happened to hear from a friend who was working here that the resort was recruiting a bartender then I applied for the position. It is about 20 km or 20 minutes by motorbike from my house to the work place which is not really a short distance, but I applied for this opportunity.

Before being part of the Fusion Maia Da Nang, I had worked at some other hotels and learned quite a lot experience about service ways and how to please guests.  Bartender is a job that requires a lot of creativeness, tactfulness and knowledge about variety of wines, cultures, food and beverage and really need to understand people as you work with many different kinds of guests every day. To me, bartender is not only a job but also a big passion.


I’ve now been working at Fusion Maia Da Nang nearly five years, starting as Bar Attendant and now already been promoted as Bar Supervisor. I’ve learned many things which widen my eyes and mind, the working environment here helps me show the maximum of my ability. I am also lucky to receive professional training invited by the resort which help me a lot with my career. Recently I completed the Train the Trainer training by Ms. Megan, Love Energy by Mr. Peter and F&B skills training by Mr. Adam and showmanship training by Mr. Simon. Mr. Peter taught me gratefulness, love and sending love energy and care to my guests; and I applied it to send my love to the drinks that I make for guests. Mr. Simon taught me showmanship -a fun way to entertain guests when I deliver the perfect and most delicious drinks.

Currently I am in charge of both bars at the resort. Even though Tonic is not spacious, it is considered the face of the hotel as guests check in at Tonic bar and most of guests visit or pass the bar wherever they go. That is an advantage for me to serve and talk to guests regularly. It is of course busy working at the bar since I not only make drinks but also serve guests when it comes to busy time.

I am proud of my career; I love it and have a real passion for it. I feel so happy when others are happy. I love meeting new people and am very keen to learn new things.  I talk to guests and share my knowledge about drinks, Vietnamese food culture, introduce local cuisine or special drinks for guests.I hope that when they talk about Fusion, they would remember me.

In my free time, I often invite friends to my house to cook and make many types of drinks or go to bars to try and learn more about new cocktails or watch video on bartender performances to practice further. My hobbies are gym, swimming, playing with my daughter and particularly going to movies. I’ve also got married and had a baby girl. The married life makes me busy but happier.


My dream is to be a professional bartender or higher target is to be F&B manager. At the moment, I need to learn a lot a lot more and improve my English.  With the upgrade of Fusion Maia Da Nang recently, there was a lot of work as we did a totally new drink menu. I had to research and create many drink recipes. However, I also had a lot of happiness because many drinks recipes that I made have been chosen for the menu. I am proud that I have contributed to the success of the upgrade.

When you come to our bar I advise you to try one of our new gin cocktails that include many types of Viet Nam herbs that we plant in our organic garden. You cannot find these cocktails at any place but Fusion Maia Da Nang. It is so good for me if you pick a gin cocktail as I love to make these new cocktails!


Author:  Dinh Thanh Tam | F&B Supervisor & Coordinator
“It makes us really proud to see Tam’s growth and development. Even when he faces challenges, both professional and personal, he does so with a positive attitude and warmth in his heart. We look forward to sharing the next 5 years of his life’s journey with him too!” Michelle Ford – General Manager



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  1. danny kim says:

    Good post.
    And I want to know about Korean Fusionista.
    She is so kind.

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