Small in stature, big in heart

Meet Nam Hai. We call her the heart of Fusion Maia because she is quite simply that, very small in stature, very big in heart. She’s the star care to our star care, the care taker of our Fusion family and a pocket rocket full of optimism and laughter. It’s her job to make sure all of our stars (as our staff are the stars of our hotel) just how special they are and she’s there if they need an ear, a shoulder, a smile or a hug. She opens up with me and shares her thoughts on life, love and happiness.

Hello Nam Hai! You have a very busy role here at Fusion Maia yet you’re always smiling, tell me, what’s your philosophy on life?

My philosophy on life is very simple. I believe in love. I believe good things will come to people in the end, if they try their best and they can show their love to everybody or believe in people, they have to believe in people. 

Do you have a particular quote or mantra for the way you live your life?

I always try to find the good in people. I believe that love is in everybody. Sometimes it’s hard to find the good in someone doing something bad but I believe we are all human, and we are all capable of love, even that person doing that bad thing, they just don’t know how to expose their true nature, they just don’t know how to show their love because something inside them stops them from doing it.

What always puts a smile on your face? Where do you find happiness?

I think positive thinking is a habit. Since I was young I just keep smiling all the time and it became a habit.

I grew up in a wonderful environment with my grandparents, cousins, aunts, all living together in our small village. I only went to school for ½ a day, the rest of the time I played with friends, climb trees, go to the rice fields, catch animals and search for fresh fruit or flowers to bring home. I had a happy childhood; my father in particular allowed me to be free to do whatever I liked, I received a lot of love from the people around me.

 I also loved reading. I had an English teacher who was Buddhist and she wanted to help me find a spiritual life. I had a very close relationship with her; she always invited me to go places with her. She shared books with me on subjects such as; Buddhism, spirituality, Tibetan monks and history of famous people that have had impact in their lives – we can learn a lot from their experience. I believed in karma ever since I was young. I think that everything will be alright, that’s my belief.

 What is your wellness regime?

I try to meditate daily, eat healthy food, I’m vegetarian, but I don’t do enough exercise, and don’t always get enough sleep because I have two young kids. The last 3 days my youngest just can’t sleep, I don’t know why, so I have to be up with him. But I’m sure a lot of parents recognize that!

 How do you shine your light here at Fusion Maia?

I bring optimism; I try to do my best, try to be helpful to everybody. I want to help people to show their love. It’s really hard but first of all we have to show love first and hopefully others will follow. I’m not very good at encouraging people to start the conversation but when they start to share I listen to them honestly. Really listen to what they are feeling, I feel what they feel.

 What makes Fusion Maia unique?

Our GM Michelle! She has a very unique vision and she knows how to encourage people to find their passion and live their passion! She also gives them a chance to do this. Also our philosophy here at Fusion Maia is very unique. We focus on love and love energy and we really care about our staff. We want to develop our people and believe people are the heart of our business.

 What’s your favourite thing about Fusion Maia?

The people. Here we are encouraged to feel free, people know each other and love each other as family. I also love the architecture of the resort and the spa activities that you can do in a beautiful environment outdoors like yoga or meditation, getting back to nature. What I read in the spiritual books that I enjoy, I can find here at work, the people here have the same interests.

 What’s something we don’t know about you?

When I was young I wanted to become a pilot or a chemical engineer. I wanted to mix chemicals and create medicine to cure people’s illnesses.

 In one word what does the world need more of?

Compassion, the world needs love.


Author:  Tessa Leenders speaking to Nam Hai I Star Care

If you’re visiting, Nam Hai is not usually in guest view, but feel free to ask her to come say hello if you’d like to meet her!  If you want to join our special team, feel free to mail us at






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