Freshest pizza in town!

When discussing good food in Vietnam, it all comes down to fresh and pure ingredients!  Ingredients are always fresh from farm to market to table and that’s what makes Vietnamese food so healthy, light and delicious.  The flavours are still natural and alive.

At our poolside restaurant, “Fresh”, we honour this philosophy and offer a wide variety of dishes made with the market fresh ingredients and even handpicked herbs from our own organic, hydroponic garden.

We sent one of our Vietnamese Fusionista, Thao, to Fresh restaurant to do some proper taste testing to compare her experience of Vietnamese freshness with our food served here.


“During my dinner at “Fresh” I was swept off my feet by the seafood pizza. With a salmon, shrimp and squid topping on a thin crust generously sprinkled with young green mustard leaves – it was just divine. The tangy and fresh herbs mingled with the fresh mozzarella cheese perfectly!  I opted for the traditional dough base even though there are healthy cauliflower base option available too – and it was cooked to perfection delivering a crunchiness that blew me away.

 Once at the restaurant, my mom and I could not help but take pictures of our pizzas. Not only did the mouth-watering food exceed my expectations, the lovely atmosphere, beach front view and pleasant sea breeze truly created an amazing experience and being able to share this with my family, it made for a simply awesome summer night!”



For cheese and meat lovers, our ‘Chorizo & Goat cheese’ or ‘Parma & Rocket’ will fit you perfectly. Looking for something more exotic? Order the ‘Sweet & Sour Shrimp’.  For health nuts or those with allergies, there is a a guilt-free pizza option with a cauliflower base and ask for it to be “run through the garden” and it will arrive at your table piled with fresh herbs from the garden.


Fresh Poolside Dining boasts a scenic view of the pool and beach with various culinary options ranging from fresh Vietnamese salads, pizza to grilled seafood available. Your taste buds will start tingling when you go through our menu options. You may settle on our chef’s favourite; ‘Smoked Tuna Carpaccio’, a vegetarian option like our ‘Fusion Garden Salad’ with greens picked straight from our garden or the market fresh seafood catch of the day grilled to perfection might suit you more.

“I love that our guests can have this awesome pizza for brunch, lunch or to satisfy an afternoon craving or as a late dinner in the room before bed.  As they say in Italy – Buon appetito!”


Author:  Da Thao I Fusionista

Fresh Poolside Dining is open all day from 6:30 – 22:00.  For bookings, enquiries or a copy of the Fresh Poolside Dining Menu, feel free to contact our F&B Manager on


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